Students of Ronnie Seldin can take lessons from him by exchanging MP3 files.
Lessons by MP3
To those of us who do not have the fortune, (or misfortune), to live near NYC, Ronnie Seldin offers remote lessons.
You begin by downloading the first instructional lessons from his server. After you have practiced and are ready to go onto the next lesson, you record your play, convert it to an MP3, upload the file back to the server, and alert Ronnie. He listens to the MP3, and then prepares a new file with comments on your play and instructions for the next lesson, and posts this new file to his server. He alerts you, and the cycle repeats.
There are two pieces of software, both of them free, which make this possible. One is a web browser—you probably have one of these already—which gives you access to Ronnie’s server. The second records your playing and converts it to an MP3 file.
Beginning students
If you want at this time only to download the introductiory lessons, then you only need to do the steps for connecting to the server, which are described next. You can download the recording software later.
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